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"Challenge Belief"

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Our organization is by default, an anomalous research team.  Listed below are summaries of each location we have conducted investigations at. Many of the listed locations are venues that have exclusively been investigated by OC Ghosts & Legends OR we were the first and/or original team to do so.

Every case it unique, and we are honored to have been able to partake in these explorations in hopes of gathering insightful evidence or information to share with the public.

Many locations we are not able to publicize due to client confidentiality

The following information is not a full detailed report of each investigation, rather a brief synopsis to generalize our findings.  
OC Ghosts and Legends keeps a secure and detailed archive of all investigation data, research and reports. 
All reports are confidential unless provided with written permission- if you have questions or are seeking additional information about any of the posted locations, please feel free to

Our Story

The following cases are listed in chronological order starting from oldest - most recent

                      - Ongoing investigations & data collection since 2011 - 

Historic Relevance: The oldest occupied neighborhood in California stemming back to the 1700's.  Located next to the Mission San Juan Capistrano.  

Reported Phenomena & Experiences:
Residual, apparitions, shadows, lady in white, disembodied sounds/voices from the vacant adobes, phantom scents and smells such as tobacco.  
Heavy audible interaction in form of disembodied voices
Some areas physical interaction
Significant "energy" is felt by many throughout area.  Energy shifts are commonly experienced

Type(s) of evidence captured here:

  • Class A, B and C audio E.V.P's
  • Photo & Video anomalies (shadow apparitions, lights, etc)
  • Direct response(s) or perceived intelligent response 

BLACK STAR CANYON - Silverado Canyon, CA
             - Ongoing investigations & data collection since 2011-

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SUICIDE BRIDGE (Colorado St. Bridge) - Pasadena, CA
2011 - 2014