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"Challenge Belief"

Grand Canyon Caverns- OC Ghosts and Legends- Ghost Adventures
level 4 ghost hunting

OC Ghosts and Legends has been investigating the Grand Canyon Caverns regularly since 2012.  OCGL's leader Cris August was recently consulted and featured on 'Ghost Adventures'  for their Grand Canyon Cavern lockdown investigation. We know those caverns- we know the 'hot spots.' 
Located off the historic and legendary Route '66 in Peach Springs, Arizona- The Grand Canyon Caverns provides a serene and historical get away for a weekend. It’s also a ghost hunter / paranormal investigators dream! There are so many reports of activity you can’t cover the place in just one night.

OC Ghosts and Legends was the first investigative team to ever investigate the Grand Canyon Caverns property.  We have fallen in love with it ever since!  Other paranormal teams may have followed in our footsteps since then, but nobody knows more about the ghosts and legends of the caverns more than we do.
When you partake in your own Grand Canyon Cavern investigation, we will guide you while we investigate the restaurant, curio shop, The 'Bunk House' and of course the Cavern itself.

In our investigations at the Grand Canyon Caverns, we have uncovered many possible entities.


In the Curio Shop we have encountered shadow apparitions and bizarre flashes of light (like taking of a Polaroid picture).

In the restaurant/kitchen we have captured footsteps and running (that no one heard at the time, but was picked up on audio), electronic devices turn off/on on their own and doors slam (also not heard at the time, but picked up on audio).
A full body apparition of a Native American woman seen behind the double doors to the kitchen

In the "Bunk House," audio and video of footsteps, the sound of a horse drawn carriage and voices were captured. More importantly, a member of our team awoke to this strange phenomena.

In the elevator waiting area; people have reported seeing a man who disappears seconds after being seen. Reports of the elevator turning on and operating on it’s own.

In the cavern we have experienced disembodied footsteps, and then a voice telling us to “get up” while we sleep.
See our YouTube channel for Cavern footage and strange thing's we have captured. 

The Grand Canyon Caverns is a place you have to come see to believe. Not only for historical purposes, but many of our most notable experiences have occurred here.  The stories continue to grow!  
We strongly recommend a 2 night stay/investigation so you may experience everything the caverns has to offer.

OC Ghosts and Legends gives you a unique and rare opportunity to investigate this incredible haunted property for yourself.  Watch our webpage and social media for event announcements

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The Original Cavern entrance
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A look into some of our unexplained finding's below:


Ticket Options


Friday  *Bonus* LOCKDOWN

Saturday Caverns LOCKDOWN

SOLITARY ™ Challenge


During our LOCKDOWN  investigation, you will not only be investigating a 65 million year old dry cavern, but above ground is some of the property's most active haunts which is the restaurant, curio shop and the original cavern entrance above ground. 
There is a lot of ground to cover, so we encourage you to book both nights.  We couldn't possibly cover it all in one night.


Overnight Lodging Options

Exclusive Cavern Inn Motel Rate

RV and Campground 

FREE Breakfast from 5:00 am - 9:00 am

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**Please retain your confirmation receipt.  All Lockdown guests will receive a more detailed event confirmation/itinerary e-mail 1 week before the event date.  This e-mail will include investigation details and how to prepare.  You may also contact us at any time should you have any questions before then.**