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"Challenge Belief"

Why is each location categorized by level?

Not everyone is a seasoned investigator, and we all have to start somewhere.  Various factors are considered when rating a location ie; noise contamination, darkness, environment, types of paranormal activity, physical considerations, understanding of terminology, cost etc.

I've never taken a ghost tour, do I have to start at Level 1?

No.  However, we strongly recommend you partake in the tours based on the order of experience/difficulty.  Hence why the levels are in place.
We tend to have more "seasoned" ghost enthusiasts on higher level experiences, and it's ideal to have everyone on the same page as far as understanding the basics of a paranormal investigation.  Each venue is unique in it's own right.  The more you "know" by starting from the beginning, the better experiences you will have.
That being said, everyone and anyone is welcome to partake in whichever experience you choose :-)

Are all tours the same?

No, each tour is adjusted to fit the patrons of that tour. There is no script and our tour guides want to provide each group with their own experience. This means you can take the same tour multiple times and will have a different experience with each tour.

Will I see a ghost?

We believe in providing a natural experience and cannot say you will or won't experience anything paranormal in nature.

Many patrons have had unexplained experiences. Understand that this is out of our control. When applicable, we provide you the tools needed and guide you to all the hot spots, but we cannot guarantee paranormal activity.

Can I book a private tour with just my friends and/or family?

Yes! We offer private tours and events for your special occasion ie; birthday, anniversary, reunion, corporate function, etc. 
See our Pricing page for an overview of rates.  We will be happy to assist in getting you set up.  Call or drop an e-mail to discuss details.

I have a promo or voucher code- how do I enter that when booking?

After selecting your desired tour date on our booking calendar, a window will pop up that allows you to enter your information.  Right at the top left there is a 'enter promo or voucher code/ option.  Select that and enter your code.
You should be able to successfully continue with your booking.  If you are having difficulty, please e-mail us and we will assist you.

What time do tours start, and how long do they go for?

We offer several different tours and events.  Be sure to check our booking calendar for the most updated schedule of coming tours.
Each tour/event has a different length of time.  Here are some general time frames (+/-)

  • San Juan Capistrano Ghost Tour - 1 hour and 15 mins
  • Black Star Canyon Ghost Walk (standard)- 2 hours
  • Black Star Canyon (into the depths) Extended Walk - 3 hours (+)

*private tours may be slightly longer than listed above*

Why do you have a strict no-smoking and/or alcohol policy?

Simply put, smoking on a tour and being under the influence of alcohol has shown to be very disruptive on tours (and during events).  While we want everyone to really enjoy themselves, unfortunately many can get carried away with alcohol consumption before a tour.  We absolutely cannot admit anyone with alcohol on their person *during* a tour as well.   You don't want to be THAT person who's loud and obnoxious while everyone else is engaged and trying to enjoy their experience.  So we want everyone to remember their tour/event fondly :-)

Regarding smoking- we welcome people to take photographs on tours.  Smoke creates anomalies in photos that are often confused for supernatural phenomena.

Other people may be sensitive to smoke.  Or in certain venues like Black Star Canyon, smoking (of any kind) is a fire hazard and a liability. 

We take our 'no-smoking' (including vapor pens) and alcohol policy very seriously- we do reserve the right to refuse service/admission to anyone who does not abide by this policy.
We THANK YOU for your understanding with this so everyone in attendance can have a great time!

Do you only conduct ghost tours and events?

By default, we are a research team.  We investigate all aspects of paranormal phenomena.  We often will receive contact from private parties or historical locations who report potential paranormal activity at their location.  We approach these cases with extreme care.  Upon team review, we may decide to conduct an investigation of these locations (at the request of the owner/operator).  We do not charge fees for this service, however, not every case we receive communication for warrants an investigation.
We will offer as much support as possible to determine if an investigation is necessary.
If you or someone you know is experiencing paranormal activity in your home or venue, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

What is the difference between a 'public' tour and a 'private' tour?

Public Tours are available for everyone to purchase a ticket for the posted tour on our booking calendar.  That means you will participate in a ghost tour with other people outside of you or your party.

Private Tours are considered a premium service which is customized to your own private group- be that members of your family, friends, co-workers, celebrating an anniversary or 'just because.'  Due to the exclusivity of a private tour, it is essentially catered to you.  Time and date of tour is also flexible.

If you have a question submit it through our Contact page.