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"Challenge Belief"

Haunted Black Star Canyon, CA

black star canyon, haunted, oc ghosts and legends

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Arguably Orange County's most haunted.  Black Star Canyon is notorious for it's legends and haunts- rightfully so.

Nobody knows better than OC Ghosts and Legends to let you in on the tales, legends, ghost stories and true experiences of the canyon. 

OC Ghosts and Legends has been researching and investigating Black Star Canyon since 2011.  While everyone loves an old fashioned ghost story and the folklore,  we go beyond that as only we can when you partake in a Black Star Canyon Ghost Walk.  This is due to our years of experience seeing Black Star in it's every state.
From complete pitch darkness to full moons.  It's most "active" nights of strange phenomena to nights of eerie still and quiet.
The stories we have are events you just can't make up and have nothing to do with the legends you have heard about the canyon (we will tell you those too) .

There are NO costumed actors and lantern walks here.  With an OCGL Black Star Canyon Ghost Walk you're getting a behind the scenes walk visiting the places where some of the most unexplainable things have happened not just to us, but to our own guests.  All from an investigative perspective and conducted by one or more OCGL investigator guides to give you the exclusive story found nowhere else.

      Visit our Mutimedia Gallery for some of  the various TV, news articles and blog features we have participated in regarding our knowledge and ghost walks
      at Black Star Canyon.
      Including OC Weekly, Pacific Coast Spotlight, Plug In visual podcast, OC Register and Travel Channels 'Mysteries of The Outdoors" 

These ghost walks are perfect for a friends or family experience, team building, couples or whatever the experience!  We would be happy to assist in scheduling your very own ghost walk.

To inquire, please contact us HERE


Pacific Coast Spotlight feature

Miaira Jenning's with Pacific Coast Spotlight joins Cris August for an exclusive look into the legendary Black Star Canyon

      OC WEEKLY Feature

       OC Weekly followed Cris Augustof OC Ghosts and Legends while he led a         tour group on their Black Star Canyon Ghost Walk. 

       Get a sneak peak of of this haunted experience 

Listen below to some samples of potential EVP's that have been captured out at Black Star Canyon.  Some EVP's are not able to be heard without headphones, so for the best clarity we recommend you utilize ear buds or headphones

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