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Queen Mary "REAL" ghost photo captured

Posted by crisocghostsandlegends on May 22, 2017 at 9:15 PM

We'll start with a little history. The Queen Mary is located in Long Beach, CA. Internationally recognized, the [now] hotel is known as one of the most haunted places in the world. There are estimated to be as many as 150 spirits that reside on the ship. Over the past 60 years, the Queen Mary has been the site of at least 49 [reported] deaths.

One of the most popular hot-spots on the ship is the first and second class swimming pools. To this day, neither is used for their original purpose. The first class swimming pool has been closed for almost three decades. Guests and others have reported the sounds of splashing or have spied wet footprints leading from the deck all the way to the changing rooms. Women have often been seen appearing in 1930s-1960s era swim suits.

A little girl [spirit] named Jackie Korin has also been seen and heard in the second class pool room. Legend has it that little Jackie had drown in the pool when the ship was still sailing.

Other phenomenon on the ship includes the sounds of distinct knocks, doors slamming, high pitched squeals, and drastic temperature changes.

Personally, I find the ship extremely unsettling. I’ve been there during the day for a self guided tour. I have been there at night for the Haunted (after hours) tour. I have also been there for the extremely popular and might I add fun: Queen Mary Dark Harbor.

Now for the photographic evidence…is this photograph real!?

Do you see it? Take a look at the top right corner next to the man in the black t-shirt. There is a distinct white object there with an apparent face.

Here's a closer look:

Could this be the photographic evidence we need to prove that the paranormal exists? Wait, was there any doubt that it did?

Quick backstory into the origination of this photo:

Guests among our very own San Juan Capistrano Ghost Tour were enthusiastic to show us this photo and tell the odd story of how they retreived it.  According to our guests (who provided their consent to share this photo)

A person on their Queen Mary after hours tour took the above photo and were shocked at what they found upon reviewing their photos at the conclusion of said tour.  They were too terrified to keep it on their phone and wanted to discard it (delete it) right away.  Our guests asked if they would be willing to send the photo to them to hold on to.  They agreed and the exchange was made.   Why wouldn't you want to keep the photo!? (Red Flag # 1).   Naturally, this entity is believed to be that of the resident spirit Jackie Korin.

*It's important to note that the guests who provided the photo can 100% confirm there was NOBODY standing next to the man in black.  Apparently the man in the black t shirt was a friend of theirs as well.
We are to assume of course, that they can truly and 100% confirm there was nobody else standing there.

Any research into "ghost" sighting's at the Queen Mary, you will most likely find the majority of them take place in the first class pool room.
They often reveal photographic entities in the general balcony area or in the same location as depicted in our photo.  

Is it possible that this is a [fake] photograph generated from one of those “ghost apps?" Could it be another clever act of photo trickery?  Personally, I think it’s just a little “too” real looking. My analysis leads me to believe it has not been edited with filters, however I do believe this to be the work of a ghost app or something similar.

What are your thoughts? Join me on a mission to uncover the truth behind this photo.  Have you seen this exact photo floating around the interwebs? Or maybe it truly is....unexplained.

- Kaity 

*OC Ghosts and Legends does not claim said photo(s) to be evidence of the paranormal.  The purpose is solely for the reader/viewer to formulate their own opinion**

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Reply Phil D.
10:01 PM on June 4, 2017 
Hard to determine what's in the photo, but you lost me when you brought up "Jackie Korin", the alleged child ghost. It's my belief that there are no child ghosts, but entities that portray themselves as children to illicit sympathy. The Jackie legend may have started with Peter James, and it's been repeated until it's believed to be true. Just my opinion.
Reply crisocghostsandlegends
4:46 AM on June 5, 2017 
Hey Phil-
Thanks for your feedback! And that's an interesting theory you have about child spirits. The spirit of "Jackie" is most commonly referred to among staff of the Queen Mary. You may also be correct about the origination of the Jackie legend being with that of the late Peter James- it's quite possible that one man's 'vision' or opinion has just made a permanent stay in the infamous pool room.

Phil D. says...
Hard to determine what's in the photo, but you lost me when you brought up "Jackie Korin", the alleged child ghost. It's my belief that there are no child ghosts, but entities that portray themselves as children to illicit sympathy. The Jackie legend may have started with Peter James, and it's been repeated until it's believed to be true. Just my opinion.
Reply Desawox
6:59 AM on June 10, 2017 
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