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10 Popular Methods for Experiencing Spirituality

Posted by Content Creator on June 22, 2019 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (2)

Human spirituality includes more than participation in religion or an expression of religious concepts. Spirituality is the search for the spiritual dimension while finding peace within and oneness with the universe. The connection we share with an unseen greater power motivates us to look for answers about infinite concepts. There are multiple roads each of us can take to experience spirituality. The following are common methods used throughout the world:

Consulting a Medium

A medium is a person has the ability to provide a communication link between humans who are alive in the physical world and the spirits of the deceased. One way a medium can provide this communication is by allowing the spirit of the deceased individual to control their body to deliver a message. Other mediums perform by listening to the spirit realm and relaying the message to a loved one. Other experiences with mediums may involve the appearance of an apparition or a voice that can be heard but not seen.  


Meditation is an essential practice for spiritual growth. Many people understand that they are connected to something that is not easily detected by the physical senses and believe that they carry divine energy within themselves. Meditation can let you take control of this spiritual energy and use it to bring peace and harmony to your life. Meditation is a simple process that can be performed anywhere. The major meditation styles are:

Focused meditation
: Attention is focused on a single object, thought, sound or visualization. This type of meditation trains practitioners to rid the mind of distractions. This type of meditation may focus on a calming sound, repeated mantra or the breath.

Open-monitoring meditation: This type encourages individuals to broaden their awareness of self, trains of thought and their environment. This process involves tuning into the thoughts and emotions that you might otherwise suppress.

Participate in a Paranormal Investigation

This is where we come in. We investigate the potential presence of ghosts in locations that are believed to be haunted. Our team uses a variety of equipment in an attempt to confirm the presence of paranormal activity.  However, sometimes the best tool to experience something 'spiritual" is ourselves.  Until it "happens to you," it's something that can't always be explained.  

We offer a variety of authentic paranormal investigations for your private group or in one of our exclusive public events throughout the year.

Ancestor Worship

Many cultures believe that the dead live on in the spiritual realm and can influence happenings here in the physical world. Many of these groups choose to acknowledge and venerate their ancestors as a spiritual practice. Ancestor veneration is the basis of many religions in Africa. Although these religions most often feature a supreme being, their practitioners devote offerings and prayers are made to ancestors who are believed to communicate with the supreme being on behalf of worshippers.

Many people practice an informal type of ancestor veneration in the West. Making shrines to loved ones, praying to them for guidance and visiting grave sites are forms of this spiritual practice.


There are a lot of physical benefits to practicing yoga. You can increase your stamina, strength and overall physique. However, yoga also can provide practitioners with a connection to the spirit world.

Regular yoga practice allows yogis to become aware of the energy they possess, inside and out. The spirit man or woman is a higher consciousness available to guide you through life's challenges, and yoga is excellent for helping you connect to this divine energy.


Cannabis has been a mainstay in several cultural movements. Many musicians and other artists have admitted to smoking marijuana to connect with the creativity they know is present within them. This is in contrast to hemp and other CBD-focused products, which have a mild or nonexistent effect on perception.

Cannabis has been a part of spiritual ceremonies for centuries and has proven its ability to nourish the soul and connect to the spirit over time. The Rastafarian movement in Jamaica is built around the premise that cannabis use increases communal unity and inspires practitioners to have visions. Buddhist monks have also used cannabis to quiet the mind and aid meditation.


Voodoo is a spiritual belief system that originally began in Africa. In the Western Hemisphere, the practice has evolved into a combination of Native American, African and Catholic traditions.

Voodoo is centered around the community and supports the empowerment and spiritual development of the individual. The practice does not include a world authority or scriptures of any kind. Voodooists believe that the seen and unseen worlds connect with each other. They see death as a transition to the unseen world. Ancestors in the unseen world are present and watching over us all, according to Voodoo belief.


Confucianism is defined as a philosophy, religion, method of governance and simply a way of life. Individuals who ascribe to Confucianism are in pursuit of oneness with self and God. They explain that humanity has the capability to directly connect itself with heaven. Heaven represents creation and divine order in Confucianism. The connection to heaven comes from contemplating this divine order.

Nature Worship

Nature worship is any spiritual practice that involves the worship of the spirits who are responsible for natural phenomenon. This type of worship takes countless forms, centering on natural objects like the moon and sun or elements like fire and water. Animals, flowers, or trees can also represent spiritual concepts and be venerated as sacred in nature worship.


Astrology, as a spiritual science, seeks to connect the reality within us to the physical world in which we live. This practice is based on studying the influence of the position of the moon, planets and stars at the time of a person's birth. Astrology practitioners report benefiting from increased insight, divine revelation, and spiritual validation.

Spirituality is not simply regular adherence to a set of rituals. The quest for spiritual meaning involves finding peace and the place of the individual in the universe as a whole. There is no single path that all must take to achieve this end. The ten paths above are worth study as part of a spiritual quest.

Ready to experience spirits and ghosts in a more personal way?

Our signature Haunted San Juan Capistrano Ghost Tours are the perfect place for an intimate and authentic ghost tour experience!

Q&A: Orange County Paranormal Investigator Talks About Local Ghostly Activity

Posted by crisocghostsandlegends on July 16, 2018 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (4)

July 15th, 2018

In the popular imagination, Orange County tends to conjure images of sunny suburbs and feuding housewives,
not haunted mansions and shadowy valleys. But as paranormal investigator and director of OC Ghosts and Legends,
Orange County resident Cris August has had more than a few paranormal experiences in the area.
OC Ghosts and Legends has been leading tours, investigations and events since 2011, exposing the history and
darker side of the county.

August spoke to Halloween Every Night about his organization, Orange County history and investigations.

Halloween Every Night: Tell us the history of OC Ghosts and Legends.

Cris August: OC Ghosts and Legends was founded simply with a passion for the paranormal and the desire to help others. We formed in 2011 as just two guys with individual knowledge and experience wanting to take it to the next level by conducting independent investigations into some of Orange County’s most haunted locations. Over time, we felt confident in responding to calls from private residences who claim to have supernatural activity within their homes. These people really didn’t know where else to turn and how to get help.
We take tremendous pride in the fact that people entrusted us to be in their homes and open up to us about these disturbances. While our client privacy is of the highest importance, it humbles us to know that we were at least able to arm these folks with some knowledge and confidence to take back their space. It’s a truly rewarding feeling that stands true with everything we do today.

HEN: How does Orange County compare to other older parts of the country in terms of ghost hunting?"

Continue Reading:

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That viral roller coaster video ? Yep - Fake

Posted by crisocghostsandlegends on June 21, 2018 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (1)

The Centrifuge Brain Project

(via filmnosis.com)

At one point or another, you have probably seen a post floating around your social media feeds showing insane roller coasters (like the above pictured).  So insane, they seem out of this world.  
Best part, the video of these roller coasters are being passed around as legit thrill rides that exist TODAY.  Well, hold on there.

We want to assist in putting this clever trickery to rest.  Those videos and photos are purely the work of a mockumentary film and some brilliant imaginations.

To be fair, the creator(s) of these images did such a fine job that they are very realistic and believable at first glance.  

(via filmnosis.com)

"Till Nowak’s intention was to make the film look realistic, but not to make people actually believe that the amusement rides existed. He was quite surprised to find out many people believed the film was real. Still, this was the case, and it shows that he was very successful at building a convincing façade."

"Humor permeates this purported scientific documentary, which is presented in the most deadpan, poker-faced way. The documentary’s style follows what is usually called the “expository mode”, the type of documentary that aims to inform viewers using interviews and various kinds of evidence to support its argument.  In this case, however, the information passed on to the viewers is complete nonsense. But it’s delivered in the most realistic way, complemented with footage that “proves” that the rides exist."

For more insight into this brilliant Mockumentary, Read On  HERE

What are your thoughts?  Did you believe this were real? (Come-on....be honest!)

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R.I.P "Poltergeist Tree" - Black Star Canyon

Posted by crisocghostsandlegends on May 28, 2018 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

                                                 Copyright 2018 OC Ghosts and Legends

What we have so endearingly referred to as the "Poltergiest Tree" or to some- the "Screaming Tree."  
Many first time visitors just refer to it as that "Scary Tree."
This unique Black Star Canyon trademark is no more.  She has been cut down.
We are not clear as to the reason for this tragedy, we can only assume it was a necessary casualty perhaps having to do with fire safety.  For which we at OC Ghosts and Legends understand, but no less dissapointing. 

This tree was a staple at Black Star Canyon and has always been admired by hikers and ghost seekers alike.  Particularly, The "Poltergeist Tree" became our mascot for Black Star Canyon.  She gave personality to this legendary haunted canyon and she stood proudly as a representative in our company logo of Black Star Canyon since 2011

While many would likely conclude that with such a creepy tree, this would include some eerie ghostly attachments and strange phenomena, this couldn't be further from the truth.  Which reminds us to never judge a book by it's cover.  We always considered the space in and around the "Poltergeist Tree" to be a bit of a safe haven.  Similarly to a video game save check point where the player is safe from harm while within that parameter.
Our "Poltergeist Tree" may appear to be chopped up blocks of wood on the canyon floor, but she will forever serve as our protector from lingering shadows and appartiions who lurk around every corner.  If you find yourself at Black Star Canyon, be sure to pay your respects to her memory.

You can also join us on a limited edition (Into the Depths) Black Star Canyon Ghost Walk or book your own private
Black Star Canyon Ghost walk which is provided at your personal request.
See our feature Black Star Canyon Page HERE

By: Cris August
OCGL Director & Lead Investigator

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Al Bielek - "The Man Who Traveled Through Time And Space"

Posted by crisocghostsandlegends on April 5, 2018 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Al Bielek - "The Man Who Traveled Through Time And Space"

Courtesy of Deviant Art

Say what you will about the concept of time travel.  Some of us may think the mere though of it is pure nonsense.   Regardless of what you think, I think we can all agree that it is awfully fun to think about.  Take Al Bielek's story for example:

"According to popular legend, in 1943, the US Navy undertook secret experiments based out of the port of Philadelphia. These experiments were designed to put Einstein’s unified field theory to practical use by making a naval ship invisible. While conspiracy theorists debate the existence of the Philadelphia Experiment, one alleged survivor of the scientific outing, Al Bielek, maintained that the Navy’s purpose was entirely different. According to Bielek, the true purpose of the Philadelphia Experiment wasn’t invisibility, it was time travel.

In 1990, Bielek claimed that he spent time in two separate periods of the future only to return to the present and tell his story. And that was just the beginning of the fantastic revelations of this totally, completely, absolutely, one hundred percent not fake time traveler. As if someone would make that up anyway."

Read On Here  

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You're Gay Because of....Ghosts?

Posted by crisocghostsandlegends on November 26, 2017 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (1)

"85% of gay people are possessed by ghosts according to ‘spiritual research"

Well, don't get too excited about using this as an excuse when coming out to your friends and family quite yet.....

With the click baity headline I gave this the benefit of the doubt that the article was satire. After looking into the alleged organization of this nonsense it is indeed a real claim by a real "organization."

After some laugh out loud moments while reading the source article, I then came to the sad conclusion that this organization truly believes this garbage and teaches it to others.

I can assure you that NOTHING this group is claiming is based upon any legitimate, sensible or real findings. Just when you think you've seen and read it all..........

-Cris August

Read the Full Article Here:

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Haunted Casa Grande Domes being demolished!

Posted by crisocghostsandlegends on September 30, 2017 at 4:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Our hearts always hurt when we hear of the demolition or destruction of a haunted landmark.  While we never had the opportunity to investigate this notorious (and strange) Arizona haunt, it's still a bummer to ear that it's on its way out.


CASA GRANDE, Ariz. (AP) — County officials have ordered the demolition of dilapidated dome-like structures in Casa Grande that have attracted attention over the years, including being featured on a television show called “Ghost Adventures.”

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors affirmed Wednesday after hearing officer’s findings that the structures known as the Casa Grande Domes are a safety hazard and must be demolished.

Dan Peer, the manager of Simplicity Communications and the domes, appealed to the supervisors to allow the domes to stand and said the onus to show the domes are unsafe was on the county.Peer asked the county to hire a structural engineer to determine whether the concrete structures were a danger, the Casa Grande Dispatch reported.

Read Full Article HERE
via Mojave Valley Daily News

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Let's make "Horsemanning" a thing

Posted by crisocghostsandlegends on August 8, 2017 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

The "Planking" fad seems to have come and gone....
Halloween season is just around the corner and we think it's time to bring back an old 
1920's fad called "Horsemanning." 
The creative opportunities are ENDLESS with this one.
You think we can make this a thing? ;-)

   Check out some other fun and inspiring examples of "Horsemanning" HERE

Have Fun!

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Additional "evidence" to prove haunted hotel?

Posted by crisocghostsandlegends on August 2, 2017 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (0)

This hotel room video went viral. Frank Ramirez (the man who posted the original video) made an attempt to create a debunk video of people debunking HIS video.

Frank insists fishing line couldn't be the culprit.

The problem(s) with Frank's debunk video:

1) It's not the same room

2) Even the most remote difference in lighting changes things.

3) He zooms in on each subject in his debunk video making it very obvious there is fishing wire. He did not zoom in like that in the original.

4) He claims he just "got up from bed" where he was watching TV, and turned on his phone to document. I find it odd that he manages to put a towel over his shoulder in this process and conveniently place it on the bathroom counter to conveniently be filming it while it falls off the counter.

The BIGGEST red flag for me is his reaction(s) to these events (or lack thereof). He was awfully chill watching phones, hangars and towels move on their own. That's not a normal reaction.

OC Ghosts & Legends investigator Mike Manney makes a brilliant observation:
"So convenient to have a hanger on the dresser drawer in a room with no closet or clothing rack"

Finally, the footage of the "two different guests" who claim to capture this phenomena in the same room is useless. It shows and proves absolutely nothing.

This attempt at capturing real ghost footage, while clever, is still phoney in my book.

What do you guys think?  Read the Full article at KFI AM 640

- Cris August

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Queen Mary "REAL" ghost photo captured

Posted by crisocghostsandlegends on May 22, 2017 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (29)

We'll start with a little history. The Queen Mary is located in Long Beach, CA. Internationally recognized, the [now] hotel is known as one of the most haunted places in the world. There are estimated to be as many as 150 spirits that reside on the ship. Over the past 60 years, the Queen Mary has been the site of at least 49 [reported] deaths.

One of the most popular hot-spots on the ship is the first and second class swimming pools. To this day, neither is used for their original purpose. The first class swimming pool has been closed for almost three decades. Guests and others have reported the sounds of splashing or have spied wet footprints leading from the deck all the way to the changing rooms. Women have often been seen appearing in 1930s-1960s era swim suits.

A little girl [spirit] named Jackie Korin has also been seen and heard in the second class pool room. Legend has it that little Jackie had drown in the pool when the ship was still sailing.

Other phenomenon on the ship includes the sounds of distinct knocks, doors slamming, high pitched squeals, and drastic temperature changes.

Personally, I find the ship extremely unsettling. I’ve been there during the day for a self guided tour. I have been there at night for the Haunted (after hours) tour. I have also been there for the extremely popular and might I add fun: Queen Mary Dark Harbor.

Now for the photographic evidence…is this photograph real!?

Do you see it? Take a look at the top right corner next to the man in the black t-shirt. There is a distinct white object there with an apparent face.

Here's a closer look:

Could this be the photographic evidence we need to prove that the paranormal exists? Wait, was there any doubt that it did?

Quick backstory into the origination of this photo:

Guests among our very own San Juan Capistrano Ghost Tour were enthusiastic to show us this photo and tell the odd story of how they retreived it.  According to our guests (who provided their consent to share this photo)

A person on their Queen Mary after hours tour took the above photo and were shocked at what they found upon reviewing their photos at the conclusion of said tour.  They were too terrified to keep it on their phone and wanted to discard it (delete it) right away.  Our guests asked if they would be willing to send the photo to them to hold on to.  They agreed and the exchange was made.   Why wouldn't you want to keep the photo!? (Red Flag # 1).   Naturally, this entity is believed to be that of the resident spirit Jackie Korin.

*It's important to note that the guests who provided the photo can 100% confirm there was NOBODY standing next to the man in black.  Apparently the man in the black t shirt was a friend of theirs as well.
We are to assume of course, that they can truly and 100% confirm there was nobody else standing there.

Any research into "ghost" sighting's at the Queen Mary, you will most likely find the majority of them take place in the first class pool room.
They often reveal photographic entities in the general balcony area or in the same location as depicted in our photo.  

Is it possible that this is a [fake] photograph generated from one of those “ghost apps?" Could it be another clever act of photo trickery?  Personally, I think it’s just a little “too” real looking. My analysis leads me to believe it has not been edited with filters, however I do believe this to be the work of a ghost app or something similar.

What are your thoughts? Join me on a mission to uncover the truth behind this photo.  Have you seen this exact photo floating around the interwebs? Or maybe it truly is....unexplained.

- Kaity 

*OC Ghosts and Legends does not claim said photo(s) to be evidence of the paranormal.  The purpose is solely for the reader/viewer to formulate their own opinion**

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