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oc ghosts and legends tours and events

oc ghosts and legends, haunted events and tours

"Challenge Belief"


October 19th, 2019


We are the original and most recognizable source for all things Haunted Black Star Canyon.  This signature Orange County haunt is back and better than ever for our 2019 season.  

See our calendar to book your Black Star Canyon Ghost Walk!



The below events are two DIFFERENT experiences. 
Read each description and join us for BOTH of these unique adventures this Halloween season


OC Ghosts and Legends is the #1 and ORIGINAL source for providing ghost tours in this historic town since 2011.   
This tour gives you a "behind-the-scenes" approach to the haunts and legends of historic Los Rios Street.   This includes tales of the legends, history, paranormal theories and examples of possible spirit communication based upon our numerous investigations within the town.  These signature tours are conducted by our own field investigators. 

OC Ghosts & Legends is the ONLY organization with extensive experience, data and insight into Haunted San Juan Capistrano.  You won't hear these experiences anywhere else.

The tradition carries on with the annual "Ghosts & Legends" Tour hosted by the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society.  Each year, the historic Los Rios Street comes alive (no pun intended) with actor portrayals of San Juan's notorious ghostly tales and historical figures.  This tour gives you a more historical and theatrical perspective.  Fun for the whole family and benefits the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society for the amazing work they do in preserving the city's rich history. 

These tours are NOT conducted by OC Ghosts & Legends.

However - our team will be there in full support in addition to providing an exclusive presentation for VIP Ticket holders.  See you there!

2 days only!  Oct. 25th & 26th
(link redirects you to the historical society booking page)



Please see our F.A.Q. page regarding how and why tours are categorized by 'levels.'  We HIGHLY encourage everyone to begin with Level 1.  We recommend this for beginners as well as our more 'seasoned' enthusiasts