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"Challenge Belief"

OC Ghosts and Legends

Join us for a ghost tour of the oldest, occupied neighborhood in California.  

We are the ORIGINAL and # 1 San Juan Capistrano Ghost Tour since 2011

Los Rios Street in San Juan Capistrano is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world.   Some possible findings include: reports of people hearing objects moving inside the historical homes, knocks on the door and disembodied voices inside the 1790's Montanez Adobe.  Seeing shadow figures darting throughout various properties, random bursts of the smell of "tobacco" when nobody is around.  Residents of Los Rios street have dubbed a potential spirit as "Tobacco Tom" as the source of this occurrence.  Reports of full bodied apparitions along the historic Los Rios District.

There are no gimmicks or costumes here folks - we provide you a "behind-the-scenes" tour of this historic neighborhood, giving insight into the ghostly legends but also real and modern tales.  We just may share with you some real evidence from any of the numerous investigations we have conducted in the town.  You can only get this experience with OC Ghosts & Legends.

Several strange anomalies have been captured on our digital voice recorders. We call these EVP’s or Electronic Voice Phenomena. 
This is where we ask questions and hope to receive a response. We listen back later to see if we have captured anything.  Often we receive guest photo submissions of strange anomalies they have captured while on a tour.
San Juan Capistrano and Los Rios Street is a MUST to check off of your haunted locations list.  

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The Three Donas of Los Rios St. 
Featuring Cris August, paranormal investigator and Director of OC Ghosts and Legends. 

Cris August and Susan Burns (of So Cal Ghosts and Folklore) break down the stories and legends of La Llorona, The Phantom of Del Obispo, Dona Polonia Montanez, the infamous Modesta Avila and more!  

 San Juan Capistrano is one of the most haunted places in California – with stories about black dogs, women in white, glowing orbs, strange noises and lonely figures being told in almost every part of town…

For more details and to visit So Cal Ghosts and Folklore, go HERE

OC Ghosts and Legends - Level 1
  • General tour start times:
  • 8:00 pm  or 8:30 pm
  • You will receive the meeting location in the confirmation email after you complete your reservation.
  • Please see Pricing or Buy Tickets for ticket information. PRIVATE San Juan Capistrano tours are available.


Prices and times vary and are subject to change

The San Juan Capistrano/ Los Rios St. tour is a Level 1, Historical Ghost Walk.

We are pleased to offer Private San Juan Capistrano ghost tours for your special occasion.
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Haunted History of San Juan Capistrano

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