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About the OC Ghosts and Legends Para Team

oc ghosts and legends paranormal research team
Orange County Ghosts and Legends
is an organization dedicated to and specializing in anomalous and paranormal research.

Our team of professionals investigate privately owned businesses, historical landmarks and private residences. 

OC Ghosts and Legends leader and operator Cris August envisioned an organization that would also allow for the public to further explore their own curiosities with the paranormal, by offering public ghost tours and events- conducted by our own field investigators.

Like most paranormal enthusiasts, we love to investigate notorious locations that we have all heard about- however, finding those 'hidden gems' and locations that have yet to be researched and explored is what we thrive upon!

We are committed to helping those dealing with paranormal occurrences and helping those that seek answers get the assistance they need. Integrity in research and evidence is what sets us apart from other teams.  We always maintain the highest standards in conduct and collecting evidence while furthering the field of paranormal research.

We welcome you to experience these haunted locations with us by participating in one of our many Ghost Tours and Events!
cris august, cristopher august, director, investigator, leader

Cris August
Executive Director & Lead Investigator

"You cannot focus on ones absence if you want to experience their presence"

Cris grew up fascinated, yet frightened of all thing's paranormal in nature. Anything from Ghosts to Extraterrestrials or simply anything unexplained. A self proclaimed 'open minded skeptic' and being the contradiction that he is, he would ultimately end up leading a paranormal research team and operating Orange County's premiere haunted tour & event organization.
In spring of 2011 after meeting former OCGL co-operator Matthew Harvey, the two of them began their quest to build a name for themselves as OC's 'go to' paranormal researchers.  They lived and breathed 'ghosts and legends.'  The two of them had the privilege to investigate multiple high profile and 'untouched' locations as well as assisting families in need who were terrified to sleep in their own beds at night.
In a sudden shift of events, Harvey stepped down from his role as co-operator and lead investigator in early summer of 2014.  Even though Cris and Matt dissolved their business partnership, Matt is still a friend and ally to Cris and OCGL.  Since this split in summer of 2014, Cris has taken huge steps in creating substantial growth and exposure for OC Ghosts and Legends publicly and professionally.

Cris has recently been featured on two major network TV shows:  Travel Channel's 'Ghost Adventures' for the Grand Canyon Caverns (OCGL's exclusive level 4 haunted experience) and 'Mysteries at the National Parks' (2017) on an episode featuring OCGL's signature Black Star Canyon.
Cris had partaken in his own research as well as visiting and studying the history of various haunted locations several years prior to that chance meeting with Matt Harvey in 2011.  Cris is currently embarking on a non-secular educational degree program for the study of Metaphysical Humanistic Science and Anomalous Research while leading his team on paranormal investigations and running public haunted tours & events.  Cris is also a public speaker and conducts speaking engagements upon request.

                         " I want to believe- I just haven't found the proof yet." - Agent Fox Mulder ( The X-Files)

Cris has a life outside of the paranormal world as he is an independent pop/contemporary singer and songwriter.  He has previously released several EP's of original music as well as having performed at various venues and festivals throughout southern California.
Cris has also been interviewed by highly respected magazines in state and out as well as various other media outlets for his work in music and performance.  You can check out his music below:


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diane, graphic designer

Diane Pioch

Graphic Design

In early 2015, Diane became a critical asset to OC Ghosts and Legends.  She brought to the table an extensive resume of field investigation experience and provided grounding and calming energy to our investigations.
Her background is very spiritual in nature and she served as mentor to our junior investigators in training.
By trade, Diane is a talented graphic designer.  She lends her talent as a graphic designer for OC Ghosts and Legends.

As of late summer of 2016, Diane has taken a leave of absence from OCGL for personal ventures.  She remains a strong ally and friend to our organization.

andrew, core investigator
Andrew Edoff
CORE Investigator

Andrew is an Orange County native and a horticulture major.  While he never had any experiences with anything paranormal in nature before joining the team, he was intrigued with the topic and it's growing popularity in the media- like many, he too followed some of the paranormal reality shows and envisioned what it would be like to study the field of the paranormal.

His first experience was a ghost tour at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado over Thanksgiving of 2014.  He was so enthralled with this experience that he took part in other paranormal events at the notorious Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA and the Whaley House in San Diego, CA - he then  started purchasing his own equipment.
Andrew appeared on the scene with OCGL in summer of 2015 as a returning patron for our San Juan Capistrano and Black Star Canyon Ghost Walks.  On each occasion he showed with a starter kit of investigation equipment (ie; K-II meter, audio recorder, spirit box, etc).  His enthusiasm and passion to learn about the paranormal was something that Cris so fondly remembers and speaks of to this day.

Andrew responded to a field investigation audition to be a member of OC Ghosts and Legends in late summer 2015.  We put Andrew to the test and he went above and beyond our expectations.   Seeing Andrew grow and come into his own as an investigator has been rewarding. 

As of early 2017, Andrew graduated to CORE Investigator status.  He successfully completed specific requirements of field investigation hours, participation and research.  Quite an accomplishment!
Andrew takes pride in earning his place on the team and is driven to make ranks as a senior lead investigator with OCGL in the future.

Contact Andrew:

roger woodcock, investigator
Roger Woodcock
Tech Handler & Investigator

Having a mother who was of Osage American Indian decent, Roger grew up in an environment that embraced the spirit world. Throughout his life, he had many experiences that he could not explain away.  He is fascinated by the paranormal possibilities and truths that all cultures experience in common, no matter the religious beliefs. Having said that, Roger is also a logical realist that has his beliefs but still wants “proof”. Whether that proof is fit for all or just for himself.


In Roger's own words: "I am a Harley Ridin’, former Sheriff Reservist. I am a Computer Engineer by day, Theater Technical Director at night and recently a paranormal investigator at every opportunity. In my life, I have been a Nuclear Certified High Energy Motor/Generator Repair Specialist. I am Nationally Certified Wilderness Search and Rescue Technician and Instructor(SARTECHII). I was a certified disaster relief worker for the state of California. Served in the Air Force Axillary as a Captain in the Civil Air Patrol(CAP) and provided service to my community as a member of the Orange County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services(RACES).

In a very short time, I have had many recent paranormal experiences while working with OCGL team. I look forward to the many more to come…"
Roger interviewed and auditioned for OC Ghosts and Legends in November 2015 and continues to train as a paranormal investigator.

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kelly lynne harris, investigator

Kelly Lynne Harris
Field reporter & Investigator

Kelly Lynne lost her brother when he was just in his early twenties.  She completely believes  that he is still with her and she  has felt his presence and has received “signs” on many different occasions.  Kelly Lynne has been fascinated with the paranormal throughout  her entire life.  As young as ten years old, she told her entire family that she wanted to be a Parapsychologist.  When Kelly Lynne is not training with OC Ghosts and Legends, she works as a Drug and Alcohol Interventionist. 

In dealing with death constantly, she takes comfort in the idea that those she has lost, will always be with her in one form or another.   Kelly Lynne interviewed and auditioned for OC Ghosts and Legends in November 2015- she is currently training in field investigations  and has the responsibility of field documentation/reporting.

Contact Kelly Lynne
[email protected]

alison, team member

Alison Lehnberg
Project Coordinator, Copywriter & Outreach

Alison joined the team in early 2017 in a project coordination role to assist with events, copywriting for investigative reports and website blogs, plus help other OCGL projects. Although not an investigator, Alison has a curiosity about the paranormal and is waiting for that one experience that may make her a true believer!
As a child, Alison was always interested in the supernatural – ghosts, aliens, big foot, and other supernatural beings, in addition to other conspiratorial occurrences. Alison’s big brother definitely influenced her beliefs. When Alison was around 10 years old, her big brother gave her a copy of the book by Raymond E. Fowler, “The Andreasson Affair: The True Story of a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind.” This book greatly influenced the way Alison looked at supernatural events, be it alien abductions or paranormal encounters.
Growing up, Alison never had any type of paranormal experience, and as an adult considers herself half believer, half skeptic. In Alison’s free time, she enjoys quality time with her family, husband and two kitties, camping, traveling, scuba diving, kayaking, and summers at the river. 

"No" is not in Alison's vocabulary - since her onboarding to the OCGL team, she has taken every assignment to task and gives 110% effort.   As one of our newest recruits, Alison has fit right in as if she's been here this whole time.

                                                                Contact Alison
                                                 [email protected]

kaity, team member

Kaity Ware

Research & Administration, Social Media

Kaity has been fascinated in the paranormal for as long as she can remember. 
She recalls her mother telling her at a young age about her personal experience with a Ouija board and to always be careful with the spirit realm. Since then, Kaity has been interested in finding an explanation for things she cannot see or explain.  
In 2010 her aunt passed away and since then she has been able to sense her almost everywhere.- Kaity feels as though her aunt leaves hints and clues around the house to remind her that she is still there - in spirit. 

Kaity believes her aunt comes to her in her dreams and on several occasions has even described vivid events from her childhood that were true when later checked with her mother.

Prior to her joining the OCGL team, Kaity and her husband would take their own gear and investigate (haunted) locations. On several occasions, Kaity has captured inexplicable EVPs and has taken many photographs that were questionable in nature, however without feasible proof she remains hungry for answers.  
Kaity accompanied the OCGL team on her first REAL investigation in October 2016 - The Grand Canyon Caverns.  She stated, "The lockdown with OC Ghosts and Legends was by far the most terrifying and AMAZING paranormal experience I have EVER had…and 15 minutes of solitary in the caverns completely alone with only yourself, your thoughts, and whatever terrifying things that lurk down in the silence - life changing." 

Since then she has been hooked.   Kaity has shown that she is ready to learn and grow with OCGL with her starting position in research & administration. 
Her enthusiasm is contagious and her potential is very promising.

                                                                Contact Kaity


Larry Zamora
Utility Crew & Junior Investigator

Raised in Santa Ana CA, Larry has always been interested in the paranormal (especially before the era of sparkling vampires) .  His interest in the paranormal fully blossomed with an incident in Santa Barbara involving a possible shadow person, after that incident he became fully enveloped in researching the paranormal.   Although he is a 'believer,' he 's a skeptic first.  He seeks to find a logical or natural conclusion before coming to a remote paranormal conclusion (as he should).
Larry joined OCGL in summer of 2016 as a part of our utility crew for investigations. Currently, he is learning and training in the various jobs that go into an investigation including camera and tech setup. 
While at first Larry may seem quiet and reserved, he's quite witty with a great sense of humor .  A perfect fit for our team!   He is a sponge in absorbing information.

Larry has been in the security industry for 7 years as a guard and bouncer.   His skills are especially beneficial to camera surveillance and general observation.  

He is also OCGL's only bi-lingual member......
"Shout-out to all of the bilingual spirits" - Larry

                                                                  Contact Larry
                                                   [email protected]