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cris august blog, musings of an open minded skeptic

'Musings of an 'open-minded skeptic'

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Special Event!
Ghosts & Legends of Haunted San Juan Capistrano
LIVE @ The Camino Real Playhouse

Friday February 10th, 2017

Public Presentation

OC Ghosts and Legends presents to you the Ghosts and Legends of the historic and very haunted San Juan Capistrano;

This is a limited engagement presentation at the Main Stage of the infamous Camino Real Playhouse.  Get the exclusive scoop and behind the scenes look at the strange phenomena that takes place in the historic city.  
The team will unveil some of their most compelling audio and video evidence from their investigations, demonstrate various pieces of investigation equipment and a
Live Q & A with the audience.  

Purchase raffle tickets to enter for an opportunity to investigate the haunted Playhouse later that night with the
OCGL Crew.

The Haunted Playhouse will not be around very much longer- don't miss this opportunity to see it and/or experience it for yourself before it's legend will only be left for the history books.....


*Please Note* The Presentation and Team Auditions are two separate functions.  Presentation tickets are open to all

Audition for a spot on the OCGL Investigation Team

OC Ghosts and Legends Para Team is recruiting for it's newest family members.  This is a field investigation try-out.   The investigation will take place after the 'Ghosts and Legends of Haunted San Juan Capistrano' presentation.
This is a real investigation conducted from 
10:00 pm - 2:00 am.  
All candidates must fill out an application form detailing any knowledge, experience and/or skills and why you would be a fit for our team.
Upon review and completion of the application, you will be sent a link  to complete Registration.

Registration is $35.00 (presentation is included in registration cost).
No experience required; We will train.
However, we want to know what skills you are able to bring to our team.  You may utilize our equipment if needed.
Further information can be reviewed when filling out application.
As with any try-out or audition, not everyone will be selected.  We are seeking to fill just a few roles.

Open Positions; Junior Investigator, Investigator, Audio/EVP Tech, Video/Camera Tech, Psychic Medium, and Utility/Runner crew member


Front Page editorial in the Capistrano Dispatch News
Featuring OC Ghosts and Legends

Would you survive the Solitary Challenge?
Take the Challenge on select Level 3 or 4 Experiences
Please see our F.A.Q. page regarding how and why tours are categorized by 'levels.'  We HIGHLY encourage everyone to begin with Level 1.  We recommend this for beginners as well as our more 'seasoned' enthusiasts
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